torsdag 3 september 2009

Spontanintervju med Kevin Adam!

Kevin Adam på glatt blixtbesök på Kroppsinvest, dagen efter succédebuten med Hässleholms HK mot Osby IK 3-2 (2 mål). Här med sin gamla barndomskompis Darryl Hordyk (i förgrunden), en "professional projekt guy" skulle jag sammanfatta det som. You´re a real Viking Darryl ;-)!

"Man, I felt awesome yesterday! I´m playing center again, I played 26 minutes and was faster, more powerful and endure than ever before! It felt almost unreal, my legs felt so powerful and easy, I just focused on being at the right place, explode around the boards and put the thing into the net! I had 14 shots, two went in, another two hit the post and crossbar!", var det första undertecknad fick höra på den klassiska sportfrågan, -hur kändes det?

På frågan om hur han kände sig med så mycket speltid svarade Kevin, "-Compared to end of last season?! Another body... I did a lot of killing penalty work, besides my offensive work and never felt the heavy feeling from last season. Not even in the end of the last period, and this is the first game of the season! Being 9 kilo lighter and supertrained helped out to, but thats your fault, ha,ha,ha!"

You saw the game Darryl, whats your biased opinion? "-Kevin just powered around like a angry sniper... He looked happy out there... I´m taking good care of my "little brother", It´s all my work, ha, ha, ha!"

Hur gick det för Serwanga då, frågade jag Kevin? "-Serwanga har varit förkyld... in his throat, played it very well anyway, han hade en klockren... in the post, was later involved in a fight, Higgins #21 was slapping our goalie, Serwanga pushed him away, Higgins crosschecked him back, Serwanga went mad and packed him together, he was all ower pore Higgins that didn´t had a chance and got 5+game, Higgins got 2+2."

Det här är ju bara försäsongsmatcher, det säger ju inte alltid så mycket. Vad tror du om laget (HHK), tränaren (Ted Suikhonen)och fortsättningen i tvåan? "-I´m thrilled about it, Ted´s training is great and will develop this team much, he also plan to use my abilities as a center, which is my background from my collage years! Our team has potential, absolutely, but we really have to train hard and take everything from diet and rest to ice-pass and complementary post-practice training seriously, to make a difference when we are closing up the play-off season."

Låter som om jag behöver lägga en liten visit i Hässleholm...Var har ni varit nu? "-på Ronneby Brunn Spa, real nice relax! Nu skall vi... to a Karlskrona restaurant for some clean water, meat, fat and ... grönsaker, ha, ha"

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